IAAS Committee Members

Leonard  van der Kuijp (范徳康)

Leonard W. van der Kuijp, Chairman IAAS

Faculty Chair, Professor of Tibetan and Himalayan StudiesDepartment of South Asian Studies; East Asian Languages and Civilizations 
1 Bow Street, Room 311, (617) 496-6871, vanderk@fas.harvard.edu 

Research Interests: Tibetan history, culture and civilization, 13th-15th centuries; Tibetan Buddhism





Mark C. Elliott

Mark Schwartz Professor of Chinese and Inner Asian History East Asian Languages and Civilizations 
2 Divinity Avenue, Room 134A, (617) 496-5343, elliott3@fas.harvard.edu 

Research Interests: social, political, and institutional history of China and Inner Asia; Manchu studies




Rowan Flad

Associate Professor of Anthropology (on leave 2013-14)
Peabody Museum, 11 Divinity Avenue, (617) 495-1966, rflad@fas.harvard.edu 

Research Interests:
 emergence and development of complex society during the late Neolithic period and the Bronze Age in China




Janet Gyatso

Hershey Professor of Buddhist Studies 
Divinity School 
Divinity Hall, Room 318, (617) 384-8000,

Research Interests: 
Buddhist history, ritual, and ideas, with a focus on Tibetan literature and practice

On leave 2015-2016



Cemal Kafadar

Vehbi Koç Professor of Turkish Studies, History Dept. Robinson Hall, Room 212, (617) 496-5389, kafadar@fas.harvard.edu

Research Interests: social and cultural history of the Middle East and Southeastern Europe in the early modern era





C.C. Lamberg-Karlovsky

Stephen Phillips Professor of Archaeology and Ethnology 
Peabody Museum, Room 57 J, (617) 496-8162, karlovsk@fas.harvard.edu 

Research Interests: the urban process and exchange networks that tie the Near East, the Persian Gulf, the Arabian peninsula, and Central Asia into spheres of economic and political interaction




Terry Martin

George F. Baker III Professor of Russian Studies 
CGIS South, Room 328, (617) 495-9895, martin11@fas.harvard.edu 
Research Interests: Russia/Soviet Union and Central Europe; Soviet history-nationalism, politics, sociology, surveillance, Islam





Kelly O'Neill

Assistant Professor of History 
CGIS South, Room 329, (617) 496-7293, koneill@fas.harvard.edu 
Research Interests: Imperial Russia; Economy and trade in the Black Sea; Comparative Social and Cultural History





Michael J. Puett

Professor of Chinese History
East Asian Languages and Civilizations 
2 Divinity Avenue, Room 224, (617) 495-8360, puett@fas.harvard.edu 

Research Interests: intellectual, cultural, and political history of early China

 On leave 2015-2016




David J. Roxburgh

Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Professor of Islamic Art History (on leave 2013-14)
History of Art and Architecture 
Sackler Museum, (617) 496-1056, roxburgh@fas.harvard.edu 

Research Interests: Islamic art and architecture




Michael Witzel

Wales Professor of Sanskrit 
Department of South Asian Studies 
1 Bow Street, Room 318, (617) 496-8570, witzel@fas.harvard.edu 

Research Interests: history; ancient and medieval Nepal; Old Iran; comparative Eurasian mythology; Archaic India; Sanskrit; Vedic




Richard K. Wolf

Professor of Music 
Music Department
Music Building, North Harvard Yard, (617) 495-2791, rwolf@fas.harvard.edu

Research Interests: Music and oral poetry in South Asia, Tajikistan, Northern Afghanistan, and Xinjiang China; Persian/Dari/Tajiki and Wakhi languages in Central Asia, Tamil, Urdu and Kota in South Asia