IAAS Students

Devon Dear

18th- and 19th-century Qing history, the cultural, social, and intellectual history of Xinjiang and Inner Mongolia

Jeffrey Eden

Modern and late-medieval Middle East, Iran, and Islamic Central Asia; Eurasian religious and economic networks; history of Islam

Melih Egemen

Hale Eroglu Sager

19th-century Russian and Ottoman Empires; comparative empires

The cultural and intellectual history of Islam in Chinese Inner Asia

Joshua Freeman

19th and 20th century Central Asia; Central Asian intellectual and literary history; Xinjiang and Uyghur history 

Sokhyo Jo

Lei Lin

Tibetan and Mongolian intellectual history in the Qing dynasty

Relations between Tibet and late imperial China; Qing expansion and administration in Inner Asia

Xin Wen

Pre-Islamic Central Asian history and pre-modern Chinese history