Inner Asian and Altaic Studies Lecture Series

IAAS Lectures are open to all with an academic interest in Inner Asia. Previous lecture titles and speakers are listed below.
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Plans for the Fall 2020 IAAS Lecture Series are to be determined. Please check back for updates.

Previous IAAS Lectures

IAAS Lecture Series Academic Year 2019-2020

Spring 2020 IAAS Lectures:


Monastic Wealth in Qing China's Buddhist Inner Asia  
Lan Wu, Assistant Professor of History, Mount Holyoke College
Feburary 5, 1:15 pm
Manchu Archives and the Cartographic Knowledge of the Northeast in the Huangyu Quanlan Tu
Kicengge (Chengzhi), Professor, Institute of Liberal Arts, Otemon Gakuin University, Japan;  Visiting Research Scholar at EALC, Harvard University (April 2019 - March 2020)
February 12, 1:15 pm
Abodes of Alien Ancestors: Buddhist Geography and Genealogy in 18th-Century Beijing      
Wen-shing Chou, Associate Professor of Chinese Art, Hunter College
March 4, 1:15 pm


Fall 2019 IAAS Lectures:

The Green-Eyed Lama (Ногоон нуден лам): Reflections on her best-selling novel and Mongolia's recent history
Oyungerel Tsedevdamba, former Member of the Mongolian Parliament and former Minister of Sports, Culture and Tourism
October 16, 2019, 1:15 pm
Dangling Threads to Examine the Channels: Tales of Pulse Diagnosis in Tibetan and Chinese Literature
William McGrath, Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Manhattan College
November 6, 2019, 1:15 pm
Why Pots (Don't) Matter: Complexity in Bronze Age Eurasia
Paula Dupuy, Assistant Professor of Anthropoogy, Nazarbayev University, Kazakhstan
December 4, 2019, 1:15 pm
Postponed until 2020-21 Lecture Series:
The Circulation of Medicine and Notions of Healing in Early 20th Century Chinese Turkestan via Network Analysis
Arienne Dwyer, Professor of Linguistic Anthropology, University of Kansas
Date to be announced


IAAS Lecture Series Academic Year 2018-2019


IAAS Lectures in 2018-19 Series:

October 3, 2018, 1:15 pm
Wisdom of Royal Glory(Kutadgu Bilig) and the Persian Connection: The Sources of a Turko-Islamic Mirror for Princes
Prof. Robert Dankoff, University of Chicago


Tuesday, October 9, 2018,4:00 pm
Recent Developments in Xinjiang
Dr. Adrian Zenz, European School of Culture and Theology
Moderated by Prof. Mark Elliott, Harvard University
Co-sponsored by the Fairbank Center, the Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Islamic Studies Program, and the East Asian Legal Studies Program at Harvard Law School.


November 7, 2018, 1:15 pm
Precious Pills and the Politics of Tibetan Learning in Qing China
Prof. Stacey Van Vleet,Indiana University, and Harvard EALC Fellow 2018-19
December 5, 2018, 5:00 pm Joseph Fletcher Memorial Lecture
From Turco-Mongolian Dual Kingship to Power Sharing: Questions of Theory and Practice
Prof. İsenbike Togan (AM' 69, PhD '73), Boğaziçi University, Turkey
February 6, 2019, 1:15 pm
Looting and Climate Change Threaten Mongolia's Achaeology and Cultural Heritage
Dr. Julia Clark, NOMAD Science; and American Center for Mongolian Studies, Ulaanbaatar
Abstract and speaker bio here


February 20, 2019, 1:15 pm
Marks of Faith: Observation on Christian Iconography of the Sogdian Coins
Dr. Barakatullo Ashurov, Visiting Scholar in NELC, Harvard University


March 6, 2019, 1:15 pm
From Warriors to Violence: Gender Based Violence in Mongolia
Mrs. Bayartsetseg Jigmiddash (LLM '08) Fellow, Yale University; Former Secretary of State for the Ministry of Justice, Mongolia (2012-2016). Speaker bio.
April 3, 2019, 1:15 pm
A Colonial Muslim History of Qing Central Asia: Revisiting Sayrāmī'sTārīkh-i Ḥamīdī
Prof. Eric Schluessel (PhD '16), University of Montana
Abstract and speaker bio here



IAAS Lecture Series Academic Year 2017-2018


2017-2018 IAAS Lecture Series

Lectures are held on Wednesdays at 1:00 pm

October 4, 2017 Prof. Robert Mayer, Oxford University
Rethinking the Tibetan Treasure Tradition
1730 Cambridge Street, CGIS South Building, Room S153


November 1, 2017 Dr. Berthe Jansen, Leiden University
The Legal Role of the Monastery in Pre-modern Tibet
1730 Cambridge Street, CGIS South Building, Room S153
December 6, 2017 Prof. Christopher Atwood, University of Pennsylvania
The Manuscript Mong. 75 and Mongolian Apocalyptic Writings in the Fourteenth Century Crisis
1730 Cambridge Street, CGIS South Building, Room S250
January 31, 2018 Prof. Kirill SoloninRenmin University of China
How Tanguts Understood Themselves: Evidence from Native Texts
1730 Cambridge Street, CGIS South Building, Room S250


February 7, 2018 Prof. Beatrice Manz, Tufts University
Tribes, Armies and Empires: Reflections on the Social Morphology of Pastoral Nomads
1730 Cambridge Street, CGIS South Building, Room S250
March 7, 2018 Prof. Imre Hamar, Eötvös LorándUniversity
The Influence of the Buddhāvataṃsaka-sūtra in Central Asia
1730 Cambridge Street, CGIS South Building, Room S250
Co-sponsored with the Department of South Asian Studies
April 4, 2018 Prof. Tansen Sen, NYU Shanghai
The Mongols and the Changing Patterns of Indian Ocean Interactions
1730 Cambridge Street, CGIS South Building, Room S250


April 18, 2018 Prof. Minoru Inaba, University of Kyoto
Did the Hindu Kush Really Kill Indians? Geography and Historical Routes Across Afghanistan
1730 Cambridge Street, CGIS South Building, Room S250